Terms and Conditions

Terms valid from 1 8th 2016

These trading conditions are valid for an online store operated by REEQ Ltd. online at www.refereezone.cz. Define and specify the rights and obligations of the Seller and Buyer.
Identification of the operator:

REEQ s. R. O., Pod Kopečkem 486, 530 03 Pardubice
ID: 03958574
We are  VAT payers – VAT no: CZ03958574
The company registered with the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove, case number C 34,995th
Part of the business conditions, the complaints procedure.
1. General provisions

Buyer shall mean the natural person who acts in a contract for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession.

Purchase Contract: A contract under which the seller transfers ownership of the Buyer or undertakes to transfer the property and the buyer pays the price of the goods or undertakes to pay.

Prices are valid at the time of order and are final, ie. Including all other taxes and fees that the buyer must pay to obtain the goods. Not subject to VAT. The price of delivery is captured in the description of each of these goods, while the price does not include the cost of delivery.

Relations not regulated by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (the “Civil Code”) and Act no. 634 / 1992Sb. on consumer protection, as amended (hereinafter the “Consumer Protection Act”).

Properly completing and submitting an order through an online store buyer agrees to these terms and conditions (including the claims procedure), Policy and consent set out in them and binding order. The acceptance of the order, the Purchaser is informed of the confirmation e-mail that is sent to the e-mail stated in the order. If the confirmation e-mail with a copy of your order does not arrive, please contact us either by phone or via e-mail. Contacts can be found on the site e-shop.

If the goods are not in stock or can not be met specified delivery date, will inform the buyer immediately informed via e-mail.

The purchase contract is concluded at the moment when the Seller notifies the Buyer acceptance of the order (or part of an order) or upon receipt of ordered goods by the buyer, therefore, expressly excludes the application of § 1732, par. 2 Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code. The contract can be concluded in the Czech, Slovak and English.
3.Zrušení orders

Seller reserves the right to verify the validity of the order by phone. Orders made through the online store is binding.

Seller reserves the right to cancel the order if there is a possibility that the goods are damaged or not it possible for suppliers already ordered. Seller will be about the possibility of this situation to contact the buyer.
Order Cancellation Seller

The seller in these cases, reserves the right to cancel the order (or part thereof):

The order was unable to verify by phone within 3 days of insertion
Producer goods contained in the order he no longer available on the market.
Fundamentally changed the price of goods in the order.

The order cancellation will Buyer Seller within four working days informed by email. In the event that the goods have been paid in advance, for example, transfer or credit card will be refunded the total amount paid into the bank account of the Buyer within 5 working days from the cancellation.
Partial revocation orders

In case that only one of the ordered goods seller sends the goods available. In the case of advance payment will be paid the difference in price and the actual price returned to the bank account of the Buyer within 5 working days from the dispatch of the goods.
Order Cancellation Buyer

The buyer may cancel the order before its shipment, either by e-mail or telephone.
Withdrawal from contract

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the day following the date on which himself or a third party takes over the goods.

The deadline referred to in the previous sentence runs jde- case of:

purchase agreement from the date of receipt of goods,
agreement the subject of several kinds of goods or supply of several parts, from receipt of the final delivery of the goods,
or contract whose object is a regular repeated delivery of goods, from receipt of the first delivery.
must be in original packaging,
may be used,
must be undamaged and must be complete (including boxes, pedestals, manuals, certificates, etc.)
with proof of purchase (invoice, prodejka, delivery note).

To exercise the right of withdrawal will send the buyer along with the returned goods declaration of withdrawal, according to the contact details provided on the e-shop, by completing the form referred to’s Web site (right of return).

Upon receipt of the notice or form for withdrawal sends to Buyer in text form without undue delay confirmation of its acceptance.

If the buyer withdraws from the contract, the Seller shall send or transmit without undue delay, within 14 days from the withdrawal of goods received from him. Returned goods must meet the following conditions:

The buyer is obliged to send the goods to the Seller and insured. The goods must be sent cash on delivery, Seller reserves the right not to accept such consignment.
The buyer will bear the direct cost of returning the goods. The cost of returning goods also include the cost of returning the goods to their original state if the goods were damaged or shows signs of wear, and then where the reduction in value of the goods was due to the handling other than what is necessary to dispose of regard to its nature and characteristics. In the event that the returned goods are damaged, broken, incomplete or has signs of wear and / or use of the previous sentence, the buyer will be refunded the purchase price of goods decreased by the costs incurred by the Seller for the goods to their original state. This is without prejudice to the right to damages incurred by Seller.

When all the above conditions, the Seller returns to the Buyer all payments received from the buyer (except for the additional costs incurred as a result of the buyer chosen method of delivery that is different than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by the Seller). Such reimbursement will be used means of payment mentioned in the Declaration of withdrawal within 14 working days of receipt of returned goods, but not before the buyer or seller before the goods prove that the goods sent to the Seller. In the event that any of the above conditions Seller withdrawal and accept the goods will be returned at the expense of the Buyer’s back.
4.Doručení goods delivery and payment terms
delivery of goods

Shipments are sent by Czech Post, dp, political prisoners 909/4, 225 99 Praha 1 (hereinafter referred to as “CP”). Before sending your shipment you will receive notice via e-mail, which will also include transportation number which can be comfortably on https://www.ceskaposta.cz/uzitecne-nastroje/sledovani-zasilek-track-trace monitor your shipment until destination.

Unless ordered product description stated otherwise, all goods are shipped within 10 working days after receipt of order. In exceptional cases, delivery time may be longer, especially as for custom made goods and for goods that are according to specific customer orders special ordered abroad.

Seller reserves the right to extend shipping deadlines also in the event that there is any unforeseeable events. About any longer expedition period the customer will be informed immediately by e-mail or telephone.

When you select a different payment method than by COD starts deadline for despatch on the date of its payment, the day of crediting of funds for goods and transportation to the bank account of the Seller.

The customer is obliged to take over the consignment to inspect shipments to determine whether the packaging is intact and that the consignment does not show obvious signs of damage. This control does not affect the contents. If you are in receipt of shipment buyer found obvious signs of damage, the customer is not obliged to accept the consignment and writes with the carrier (the company CP) damage report. Shipment damage during transport report the buyer without undue delay.
If not taken purchaser subject of performance reasons on his part (eg. Not in spite of the agreed term presence buyer designated person or unable to pay the purchase price), the buyer bears the costs associated with repeated delivery in full and a new delivery is carried out only on request and is performed repeatedly.
Freight (applies to Czech Republic)

Transportation charge is governed by the applicable tariffs of the Carrier depending on the size of the consignment. When ordering over CZK 3.000, – postage is free. If the nature of the goods that the order will be sent in multiple packages, the delivery cost will be charged for every package separately. If the delivery costs can not be determined in advance, the seller in accordance with § 1811 paragraph. The second point. e) The Civil Code defines the right to additional billing.
Payment Terms

Methods of payment:

Cash payment on delivery cash on delivery through CP. Only the Czech Republic.
Payment VISA, MasterCard and American Express, how to use credit cards is described in detail in Section credit card payment.
Payment by bank transfer before shipment. The invoice for payment will be sent to the contact e-mail after the conclusion of the order.

Payment by credit card

Embossed accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. Issuing banks allow the use embosovanancých (relief) cards for payments internetu.Vlastnické to the goods passes to the Buyer until full payment of the purchase price.
Delivery outside the Czech Republic

For sending goods outside the Czech Republic, we only accept payment by bank transfer or credit card. Method of delivery of goods is determined by Seller. Transportation charge is governed by the applicable tariffs of the Carrier.
5.Closing provisions

These Terms and Conditions shall become effective on the date of publication and are applicable in the relevant wording for all orders made on that day and later. Seller reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. The new version of business conditions will be published on the internet e-shops operated by the Seller. Day of their publication invalidating previous trading conditions, it does not affect the purchase agreement concluded under the current wording of the terms of trade (see the first sentence of this paragraph).

By sending the electronic order form the Buyer accepts all provisions of the terms and conditions in force at the date of sending the order, valid price of ordered goods, including shipping stated in the catalog online store unless in a particular case otherwise agreed.

Or state supervisory bodies. Supervisors who are responsible for handling consumer complaints are: Czech Trade Inspection, headquartered Štěpánská 15, Prague 2 and locally relevant trade authorities – the seat of the contractor is competent Trades Licensing Office Pardubice.

Buyer agrees to dispatch orders within the meaning of the Act no. 101/2001 Coll., On protection of personal data processing and management of all data entered and provided when ordering the e-shop, for a period of 5 years for the purpose of keeping records of Seller and dissemination of business communication and bids Seller.